Recommended Products & Services

As well as the vehicle itself, there are lots of other products and services involved with buying, selling and owning and car, truck, SUV or van, so you want to make sure you’re getting the best product or service and the best deal, don’t you? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the huge numbers of different versions of products and services that are out there, and just how much can you trust the reviews that are often used to promote a product online these days?

I’ve been involved with the auto business for more than two decades now and I’ve learned a thing or two about the whole industry over that time. As well as being at the sharp end of buying, selling and financing vehicles and running teams that do all that stuff for a living, I’ve also spent more than my fair share of time with tasks like detailing, transporting and delivering vehicles too.

I wouldn’t even contemplate recommending a product or service I didn’t know a good deal about to begin with, and I wouldn’t recommend a specific product, service or company if I hadn’t checked out thoroughly first. Here then is a list of categories of products and services I can wholeheartedly recommend from companies I’ve checked out thoroughly so you don’t have to.

Some of these companies have approached me about advertising on my site and others I’ve had to pursue to get them to allow me to promote them. Most of these are therefore products and companies I’m an affiliate for, and if you choose to buy from them by clicking on the links you will be helping to support the site so I can continue to provide the quality content I hope you are enjoying and using to help you buy cheaper, sell for more, and pay less while you own your vehicle.