Recommended Products & Services

As well as the vehicle itself, there are lots of other products and services involved with buying, selling, and owning and car, truck, SUV, or van, so you want to make sure you’re getting the best product or service and the best deal, don’t you?

I’ve been involved with the auto business for more than two decades now and I’ve learned a thing or two about the whole industry over that time. I’m extremely proud of this site I’ve built, and I’m very careful about companies I do and don’t recommend. Therefore, below are the products and services I am happy to endorse after a lot of time spent checking them out to bring you the best.

Extended Warranties is in the business of helping people live life covered with affordable vehicle repair plans. Click HERE to find out all about this excellent warranty solution.

Auto loans

SuperMoney partners with the world’s leading banks and financial service companies to empower consumers with a KAYAK-like comparison shopping experience. Learn more HERE.

Get cheaper fuel

GetUpside is a free-to-download cashback app that can get you up to 25 cents back per gallon whenever you fill up, plus plenty of other great offers. Check it out right HERE.

Used vehicles at knockdown prices

If you’d like to know where you can buy quality used vehicles for almost half the book price then checkout government auctions right HERE.

Lowest new car prices

This free tool gets you the lowest prices for brand new vehicles for sale where you are right now. Check out what I think of it right HERE.

Vehicle history checks

A vehicle history check is essential before buying any used vehicle. Check out my first choice by clicking HERE.


I spent a lot of time checking out several big tire companies, so click HERE to find out why I think these guys are the best.

Vehicle repairs and servicing

Why go to the shop when the shop can come to you? Check out this fantastic mobile technician service HERE.

Auto parts

You’ll find just about every part you could possibly need for your vehicle all in one place at Advance Auto Parts HERE.

Vehicle security

Owlcam is a fantastic “always-on” vehicle security solution you really should look at if you want to deter criminals. Check it out HERE.