Auto Finance

If you have excellent credit you can get all sorts of auto finance from many different sources, and I’m a strong advocate of getting your auto finance from the dealership you’re buying the car from is you have a strong credit history. However, a lot of people these days struggle to get the finance they need and this can be a big problem if you need to buy a car you can rely on.

There are plenty of companies that deal in supplying credit to those with a poor or no credit history, but plenty of them see you as someone they have over a barrel and it’s easy to get taken advantage of. I’ve done a lot of research into a lot of companies that provide credit to those who might struggle to get what they need from the big lenders, and SuperMoney is one that really is worth a try.

SuperMoney is an automotive loans company that works with a large network of dealerships and lenders that could approve your auto financing, sometimes with little or no down payments. They are a fast, efficient, and highly rated option for anyone with a less-than-perfect credit score who needs the right finance for the right car.

As well as specializing in those with poor credit, SuperMoney also provides auto finance for customers with good credit. The reason this is a good thing is that if your credit score is better than you thought it was this company could get you a loan with a lower rate than you might have been expecting.

Check them out by clicking on the link below to fill in an application and see what they can come up with for you.