Detailing products

We all like our vehicles to look showroom clean and I cannot overstate how much difference it makes to the price you get for any vehicle you’re selling if it’s been properly detailed. Properly detailing a car isn’t as easy as some people think, but you can make it easier by having the right tools and products for the job.

You can obviously go on Amazon or eBay and buy all sorts of products for every aspect of detailing, but how do you know if the products are any good? Let’s face it; we’ve all learned to be suspicious of online reviews so it makes sense to go to a seller that specializes in the products you need.

The detergents and polishes we use are obviously very important, but so are the brushes, cloths and other tools we use to apply them. I’ve done some searching around and I’ve come across a company called Brush Hero that produces a selection of excellent brushes that attach to a hosepipe and make cleaning easy and have an excellent reputation, so check them out here.

And if you want some seriously professional-grade cleaning solutions then I suggest you check out Shine Armor. They usually run a 10% off offer for new customers and they sell products for cleaning your vehicle’s bodywork, windows, wheels and interior. Check out Shine Armor right here.

Odor removal

A really big problem when it comes to selling your car is when the interior smells of things like tobacco or wet dog. It can seem impossible to get rid of those smells as they’re embedded into everything, and the sort of products you get from your local auto store are only likely to mask one smell with another. I found this company Biocide Systems a couple of years ago and they produce products that are head and shoulders above the stuff found in local auto stores, so check them out if you need to get rid of a bad smell inside your car, van, truck or SUV.